What Way Can You Store Your Car Tires

What Way Can You Store Your Car Tires

Where You Ought to Store Your Tyres

In fact, only two options exist – you can store your tyres at home or outside the home. Anyway, when you change your tyres every 6 months, you have to take into consideration what your next step is going to be in relation to choosing a place. You may have heard of the term “hotels for tyres”. Yes, there are such hotels and they are pretty common in places where the usage of winter tyres is compulsory. So, if you decide to keep your tyres outside your home, type in google search for “nearest hotels/stores for tyres” and get in contact. However, if you decide to store the unused tires in your garage in the attic or in the shed, then reassure that there won’t be any direct sunlight as the quality of the tyres could be hardly damaged if they are not stored properly.

Mounted vs Unmounted Tyres

In case you own mounted on the rims tyres, then it is highly recommended to hang them on special hooks or store them in flat/stack position. Please, pay attention that the unmounted tyres ought to never be treated identically as they may be hardly damaged and distorted. If you want to have tyres without dry rotting, stick to the following recommendations.

In Vertical or In Horizontal Position

A reasonable alternative to store your tires is placing them vertically (upright). This way you reduce the stressing effect on the tyres. However, if you think of storing your tyres horizontally (or in flat/stack position), then make an effort not the build a Burj Al Arab-like tower with them. Your safety and the proper store methods should be a top priority.

Inflated or Deflated

In case the tyres had been mounted on the rims, then it is alright to store them inflated. To store your tires deflated hides some risks as the sidewall could be damaged. So, recommended, store them inflated when mounted on the rims.

Cleanness is Essential

It is something that you already know but we should focus on the importance of keeping your tyres clean even when they won’t be used in several months. You can take the sponge, soap and a bucket of water and start cleaning your tyres before putting them in a hotel or in your garage, in the attic or in the shed.