Which Are the Most Famous Tyre Manufacturers

Which Are the Most Famous Tyre Manufacturers

Which are the Best Tire Brands

Current tires market is overflowed with so many brands that you can easily get into the trap and get confused. As it is one of the most attractive and profitable economic sector, more and more manufacturers devote their time and efforts to produce top-quality tyres. There are some “big fishes” in the game that are easy to be distinguished among the vast auto tyres market:

  • Michelin;
  • Goodyear;
  • Continental;
  • Hankook;
  • Bridgestone;
  • Dunlop;
  • Pirelli;
  • Yokohama;
  • BF Goodrich;
  • Falken.

Car Racing Tyre Brand

Most of the above-mentioned manufacturers offer different car racing tires. The objective ranking list in descending order would be very hard to be accomplished, so we are going to make a short comparison between three popular brands that customers describe as best in their own experience with them. Pirelli is said to be one of the best car racing tyres company in the world. The company equips some Formula 2 and Car Racing teams. What makes Pirelli different and recognizable name in the market is their attitude towards the details. The comparison continues with another top-ranking company – Yokohama. It was founded in Japan and it is considered a pioneer in many aspects. Yokohama is declared by many customers the best brand for car racing tyres due to the fact they were the first to invent the winter tires. The last popular name on the list is Hankook. The company was found in South Korea. Their Ventus model is what makes the manufacturer popular and different globally.

Where General Brand Tires Are Made

Top brand producers do not rely on manufacturing their tyres in one specific region. In order to cut their expenses and get a cheaper product, they dispose of their centres in two or more countries. For instance, Goodyear tyres are made in Germany and Chile, Michelin tires are produced in Spain and Italy. For additional comparison, Pirelli were manufactured in Russia.

More About Prices

In case, your desire is to find a cheap set of tires, then it is a better idea to skip all of the mentioned names. But when it comes to your safety on the road, saving some money is not going to be the brightest idea. Our suggestion is to make your choice within the list of the top tires brands. You should make your decision based on personal necessities, budget, weather conditions in your residential area and your driving habits.