Why You Should Get Familiar with Your Brake Pads

Why You Should Get Familiar with Your Brake Pads

What is Their Job

Brake pads – the cornerstones for proper work, functioning and usage of the brake system. The usage of worn brake pads could badly influence the discs and rotors. As the time passes pads have the tendency to start wearing too and you ought to replace them sooner than expected. Keeping the brake pads maintained is a crucial aspect in order to prevent you from buying new ones and to secure your safety while driving. It is crucial to learn how to understand whether your brake pads have to be replaced.

Will My Brake Pads Do the Job

We hope you have already understood the crucial role of keeping the brake pads in decent condition. In case you change your old pads in the right moment is going not only to save you some money. It also guarantees you that you and your passenger will arrive alive. You may ask yourselves how to understand whether your brake pads have to be replaced? Have a look at the below-mentioned indicators that alarm for a prompt replacement.

When to Switch Your Old Brake Pads With New Ones

  • the presence of creaking noises – this could be the first indicator that every driver ought to feel when pumping the pedal. In case you hear such creaking noises constantly, then it would be high time to visit specialized service centre for a check-up;
  • if your brake pads have 25 % thickness or less – this percentage indicated that your pads are no longer suitable for usage and need immediate replacement. For any case, visit again a service centre to find out the problem;
  • the presence of squeaking metal noises – unfortunately, the brake pads could hardly damage the discs. Be aware of the presence of additional metal-contacting noise and quickly react and bring your car to the nearest service centre;
  • dashboard lights – new car models have special indicators on their dashboards notifying you when it is recommended to visit service and change the brake pads. Follow the instructions in order to prevent from further damage on your discs and to cut your costs on long-term. If you do not have enough money to buy a 2017-model of Toyota, then stick to the first three notifiers.

What is Average Brake Pads Life Expectancy

In case we have to take into consideration only statistics, then the life expectancy of brake pads is calculated to be approximately 35,000-40,000 miles. But that information could be a little misleading as the life cycle depends on other indicators such as the driving habits (aggressive city racers are obliged to buy brake pads more often), the characteristics of the car and the area you mostly use it.